Florian Rupp


Assist.Prof.Dr. Florian Rupp
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics and Sciences

GUtech, PO Box 1816, Athaibah PC 130, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Room: 400
+968 2206 1131 (office)

Short biogaphy:

Florian Rupp studied Mathematics at the Technische Universität München, Germany, and holds both a Diploma in Mathematics (2003) as well as a PhD in Mathematics from the TU München (2005). In 2008 Florian returned from a position as Management Consultant to the TU München. During his time in consulting he had a major management part in a due diligence, procurement organization diagnosis & restructuring project for a leading pan-European vending company (private equity investment), as well as a benchmarking & procurement diagnosis/ strategy project for a leading global automation technolo…

  • Advanced Mathematics I, II, III for Engineering, Computer Science and Logistics
  • Numerical Mathematics for Engineering and Computer Science
  • Microeconomics for Logistics & Service Management

Research Areas

  • Stochastic mechanics/ dynamical systems and their stability/ bifurcations
  • Hamiltonian systems and applied dynamical systems
  • Applications and Mathematical Modeling in Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, and the Social Sciences
  • Simulation of PDEs with stochastic/ random forcing or controls

Research Projects

  • Project title: Computer-Based Analysis of the Stochastic Stability of Mechanic Structures Driven by White and Colored Noise
    Period: 04/2015–03/2017
    Role: Principle Investigator
    Funded by: The Research Council of Oman (TRC)


Peer Reviewed Journals
  • C. Riesinger, T. Neckel, F. Rupp (2016). Solving Random Ordinary Differential Equations on GPU Clusters Using Multiple Levels of Parallelism. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing , 38 (4) .
Conference Papers
Other Articles
  • F. Rupp, J. Scheurle (2016). The Role of Fourier Analysis in X-Ray Crystallography, in Hagen, Rupp, and Scheurle Editor (Ed.), Dynamical Systems, Number Theory and Applications (pp. 197-210). Singapore: World Scientific Publishing.
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