Ayham Al Rahawi


Assist.Prof.Dr. Ayham Al Rahawi
Assistant Professor
Department of Engineering

GUtech, PO Box 1816, Athaibah PC 130, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Room: 1125
+968 2206 1125 (office)


Short biogaphy:

Ayham M. Al Rahawi received his;
1. Ph. D. degree in Modelling design and separation process from Manchester University (UMIST) U.K 1985.
2. M.Sc. degree in Separation process from Manchester University (UMIST) U.K 1981
3. B.Sc Chemical Engineering from Baghdad University
4. B.Sc in Industrial Chemistry from Mosul University.

He has more than 25 years’ of Academic, Teaching and Research experience.

He worked as Senior Application Specialist for Stuart Energy System – Canada.
He worked as Proposal manager for Electrolyser Corporation – Canad…
Full CV

  • PhD , Chemical Engineering / Modelling design, University of Manchester (UMIST), United Kingdom, 1985.
  • MSc , Chemical Engineering / Separation processes, University of Manchester (UMIST), United Kingdom, 1981.
  • BSc , Chemical Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq, 1975.
  • BSc , Chemistry, Mosul University, Iraq, 1972.
  • Plant design I & II
  • Mechanical Separation Process
  • Petroleum and Petro-Chemcial Processes
  • Engineering Principles and Calculation
  • Mass Transfer
  • Workshop I, II, III & IV
  • Codes of Ethics for Engineering

Research Areas

  • Modelling of mass transfer parameters in liquid extraction and distillation column
  • Hydrodynamics and holdup in lquid - liquid RDC and packing extraction column
  • Drag reduction in crude oil pipe lines
  • Drop size measurement and modelling of drop size distribituion in extraction column

Research Projects


Peer Reviewed Journals
  • Al Rahawi, Ayham, Al Dawery2 Salam (2016). INFLUENCE OF INLET DISTRIBUTOR AND COLUMN DIAMETER ON HYDRODYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS IN RDC LIQUID EXTRACTION COLUMN. International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology , 5 (4) , 359–372.
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