Ana de Jesus


Asst. Prof. Dr. Ana de Jesus
Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Geosciences

GUtech, PO Box 1816, Athaibah PC 130, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Room: 429B
+968 2206 1176 (office)

Short biogaphy:

Ana did her BSc (1998), MSc (crystallography/mineralogy/metallogeny-2002) and PhD (metallogeny-2011) at the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University, Portugal (FCUL). Her postgrad research focused on ore-forming systems associated with igneous layered intrusions, their petrogenesis and tectono-magmatic evolution. Between 2009-2013 she was invited Assistant Professor at the Geology Department of FCUL and research consultant for the mining industry. She started working in GUtech in 2014 and develops metallogenic and petrogenetic investigation at multiple levels of the Samail Ophiolite of Oman…
Full CV

  • PhD , Metallogeny, Universidade LIsboa, Portugal, 2011.
  • MSc , Dynamic Geology, specialization in crystallography, mineralogy and metallogeny, Faculdaed Ciências Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, 2002.
  • BSc , Geology, Faculdade Ciêcnia Universidade Lisboa, Portugal, 1998.
  • General Geology
  • Mineralogy
  • Igneous and metamorphic Petrology
  • Lab methods in geology
  • Metalogeny and Mineral Exploration
  • Geology of the Semail Ophiolite

Research Areas

  • Metallogeny, geochemistry and petrogenesis of i) magmatic ore deposits in (layered) mafic/ultramafic intrusions, anorthosites and ophiolites: Fe-TI-V oxides, Ni-Cu sulphides, PGE and chromite. ii) mafic (Cyprus) type Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide deposits and their host volcanic sequences.
  • Magma emplacement and diversification at the lower crust. Melt transfer processes at the crust mantle transition.
  • Petrogenesis of ophiolites, particularly mid and lower crustal gabbroic rocks.

Research Projects

  • Project title: Oman Drilling Project
    Period: 01/2015–12/2018
    Role: Co-investigator
    Funded by: International Continental Drilling Program
    Porject description:

    The Oman Drilling Project is a multi-national collaboration aimed at understanding the oceanic crust and mantle, carbon cycling in subduction zones and modern day carbon capture and its interactions with the hydrological cycle. A comprehensive drilling program is underway in the Semail Ophiolite, the largest and best exposed section of oceanic lithosphere in the World, collecting rocks, water, geophysical data and microbiological samples.
    I worked as staff scientist and liaison person between GUtech and the Project direction since January 2015. On-site scientific team between 8 January -5 February 2017 (Drill sites GT1, GT2). Shipboard party scientific team member aboard Deep Sea Drilling Vessel Chikyu for core logging 15 August-15 September 2017.

  • Project title: Esmeralda Vasco da Gama Shipwreck
    Period: 06/2013–09/2016
    Role: Co-investigator
    Funded by: Oman Ministry of Heritage and Culture
    Porject description:

    Consulting geologist of technical and scientific team that worked for the identification of the recovered historical artefacts. Provenance analysis of stone cannonballs.


Peer Reviewed Journals
  • Jesus, A.P., Mateus, A., Munhá, J.M., Tassinari, C.C, Santos, T.M.B, Benoit, M. (2016). Evidence for underplating in the genesis of the Variscan synorogenic Beja Layered Gabbroic Sequence (Portugal) and related mesocratic rocks.. Tectonophysics , 683 , 148–171.
  • Jeuss AP (2014). Internal architecture and Fe-Ti-V oxide ore genesis in a Variscan synorogenic layered mafic intrusion, the Beja Layered Gabbroic Sequence (Portugal).. Lithos , 191 , 111–191.
Conference Papers
  • Jesus AP, Koepke J, Morishita T, Beinlich A, Johnson K, Greenberger R, Harris M, Michibayashi K, de Obeso JC (2017). Gabbroic lithologies of the dike-gabbro transition, Hole GT3A, Oman Drilling Project., in Proceedings of AGU Fall session, New Orleans, 11 - 15 December 2017. (Submitted)
  • Manning CE, Kelemen P, Urai J, Michibayashi K, de Obeso, Jesus AP, Zeko D (2017). Transformation of Serpentinite to Listvenite as Recorded in the Vein History of Rocks From Oman Drilling Project Hole BT1B, in Proceedings of AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, 11-15 December 2017. (Submitted)
  • Johnson K, Kelemen P, Greenberger R, Koepke J, Beinlich A, Morishita T, Jesus AP, Lafay R (2017). X-ray Fluorescence Core Scanning of Oman Drilling Project Holes BT1B and GT3A Cores on D/V CHIKYU, in Proceedings of AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, 2017. (Submitted)
  • Cravinho A, Jesus AP, Mateus A, Barros B, Figueiras J, Benoit M, Pracejus B (2017). Trace element variations in the volcanic rocks of the Mandoos VMS Deposit (Samail Ophiolite, Oman)., in Proceedings of Goldschmidt, Paris, 13-18 August 2017.
  • Jesus AP, Cravinho A, Moreira BB, Mateus A, Pracejua B, Figueiras J, Benoit M, Vermond D (2017). The Shinas and Mandoos hydrothermal vent systems in the Samail Ophiolite, Oman, in Proceedings of 3rd Deep Carbon Observatory Science Meeting, University St Andrews Scotland, 23-25 March.
  • Gonçalves, M.A., Mateus, A., Jesus, A.P. (2015). Soil geochemistry in the Beja Igneous Complex and Sourther border of the Ossa Morena Zone (INPortuguese), in Proceedings of Proceedings of the Workshop “Soil Geochemistry in Mineral Exploration”, CCV Lousal. Proc. of the IV IAMG, 98 (Part 2), Ed. Matos, JX, Batista, M, Oliveira, DP (pp. 10–12), Lousal, Portugal, 11 Dcember 2015.
  • Jesus, AP, Mateus, A. (2015). The Shinas and Mandoos VMS deposits (Sumail Ophiolite, Oman); influences of the MORB to supra-subduction setting transition on ore-forming processes at the oceanic upper crust., in Proceedings of Second Deep Carbon Observatory Early Career Scientist Workshop (pp. 9–), University of the Azores, Portugal, 31 August-5 September.
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Trainings taken
  • Travel grant to travel to DCO third science meeting in Scotland, 2017.
  • FCT PhD Grant (#SFRH / BD / 6355 / 2001) of the National Science and Technology Agency, 2002.
  • Travel Grant Second Deep Carbon Observatory Early Career Scientist Workshop, 2015.
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